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Commercial Change-Of-Use

We aim to provide our clients with the best possible building design and construction advice for all aspects of property change-of-use projects.<br /> <br /> Depending upon which of our service levels you require (see&nbsp;<a href="/page/buildingdesignservices"><em>Building Design Services</em></a>), our main service is the preparation and submission of architectural plans and construction details required by your local authority for both planning permission and building regulations approval. We offer a fast-track, one-stop-shop, service for obtaining all necessary approvals prior to commencement of building work. We deal with all of the paperwork and liaise with all statutory authorities on your behalf - easing the stress that this may cause.<br /> <br /> Upon instruction, a member of our design team will visit you at your property to discuss your requirements and expectations of your proposed change-of-use project. Our designer will discuss all matters of the design, including limitations of build-ability and any restrictions likely to be imposed by your local authority, ensuring that the potential of your property is maximized within your budget, without creating unnecessary delay in obtaining the required approvals.<br /> <br /> In short, we offer the following services:<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Free estimates for our services, and advice on fee requirements of statutory authorities.</li> <li> We will make a full and accurate measured survey of your property - establishing existing construction methods, and advise on any limitations which these may have on your proposals.</li> <li> We will advise on building regulations and planning legislation, and how these may impact on your proposals.</li> <li> We will prepare existing and proposed plans and elevations of your property, and submit these to your Local Planning Authority for planning permission.</li> <li> We will prepare detailed construction drawings and structural calculations for your proposed project, and submit these to your Local Building Control department for approval under current building regulations.</li> <li> We will act as agent between you and your local authority for all planning and building regulations matters - through to approvals being given (see<a href="/page/termsconditions"><em>Terms &amp; Conditions</em></a>).</li> <li> We will advise you of your obligations under the Party Wall et cetera Act 1996.</li> <li> We will advise on health and safety issues, including the CDM 2007 Regulations, and the responsibilities which these place upon all &#39;Duty Holders&#39;.</li> <li> We will provide additional sets of drawings and specifications for building estimates purposes, and for use during the construction phase of your project.</li> </ul> For an additional negotiable fee, we offer the following services:<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> We will compile all necessary documentation and invite suitably qualified and competent contractors to tender for your project, on your behalf.</li> <li> We will formulate contracts between Client and Contractor. This will help to protect the interests of all parties involved in your project.</li> <li> We will oversee the site work on your behalf, ensuring that the works are completed on time and within budget, in accordance with the designs and specifications provided.</li> </ul> <br /> Our fee for our Commercial Change-Of-Use design service&nbsp;will depend upon which service level you require (see&nbsp;<a href="/page/buildingdesignservices"><em>Building Design Services</em></a>), and upon the nature and scale of the works being proposed.&nbsp;If you require this service and would like a fee quotation, please contact us using the following details:<br /> <span style="color: rgb(105, 105, 105);"><span style="font-size: 1.4em;"><br /> <strong>Tel: </strong>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 0151 630 1234<br /> <strong>Email:&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br /> </span></span><br />